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Triplet and Tandem Hire

Please book your triplet or tandem hire early to avoid disappointment. Customers are already reserving our machines for charity and holiday rides in 2017.

Charity fundraising?
Think of a target and ... ... Triple-it !!! 

Adult Triplet Bicycle

Dare to be different! Stand out from the crowd!
Put the 'fun' info fundraising!
Team up on a Triplet!

Adult Triplet Bicycle

These days it takes something a bit unusual to
persuade people to part with their
hard earned cash....

Click here to tell us your ride plans and dates and we will check if a 3-adult triplet is available.


Maybe it's just family holiday fun you are after?
Or a fun day out for you and the kids?

Family Triplet Bicycle

Have a fun day out or a family holiday to remember on our special triplet built for an adult and two children.

Family triplet bicycle in use

Just watch peoples' heads turn in wonder
as you glide by....

Click here to tell us your ride plans and dates and we will check if a family triplet is available.

The Goodies on a tripletJust ask anyone over 45-years-old, 'How did The Goodies manage to travel around town' and you will see their faces light up.
"Err they had a funny bike...a tandem for three .... a tandem ..... a trident .... a three-in-one bike", comes the reply.
Everyone can picture the three zany comedians wobbling around on an odd-looking machine all those years ago, but few will know to call it a triplet. Even fewer can call to mind any plots from The Goodies' TV shows, maybe something vague about 'black puddings' and 'ecky thump'. But one thing is for certain, The Goodies and their triplet go together like bangers and mash.

Riding a triplet can still can be fun; three times the fun in fact, as our machines have 21 gears and are very easy for three people to handle. Many of the charity bike riders who hire a T-4-3 triplet easily clock up 100 miles a day and still have enough energy left to lift a pint or two in the evening (We don't advise downing any alcohol during the ride as our triplets can easily do 40mph downhill !!).


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